Petrochemical Industry Training & Learning

To fully assist our clients needs for training and development in these Covid-19 times, We have created both Online and Virtual training offerings. All of NexantECA's Petrochemical courses and workshops can still be tailored to you.

A New Hydrogen Workshop. 23-25 February 2021

"Clean and Powerful - Understanding Hydrogen’s role in the energy transition"

Join Vice President Manuel Asali, Managing Consultant Thomas Heinrich and Principal Stephen B. Harrison as they present this two-day workshop in the first quarter of 2021. Depending on the health situation and the travel restrictions at the time, this workshop will be presented either In-House, Publicly or Virtually. And as with all our training services, can be tailored to your company’s specific areas of interest.  

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Online Global Petrochemical Industry training

The Energy and Chemicals sector has changed exponentially over recent years. Join our many industry leading clients and incorporate our online version of the Global Petrochemical Industry training course. for yourself, your team, or your company to stay fully up to date.

Virtual Learning with Vice President Manuel Asali

Join Vice President Manuel Asali as he presents our famous Petrochemical Industry course though a live video platform. Join other attendees and learn about the industry dynamics, discuss the future of the business and ask questions.

Public & In-House training courses & workshops

We are still active! To combat the Coronavirus we’ll be presenting our Public and In-House Global Petrochemical Industry workshop remotely for the time being. We are reviewing this constantly. Please contact us to discuss your training needs.

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