Tailored In-House learning & development solutions

Contact us to discuss your tailored In-House training course or workshop and fulfil your complete learning and development requirements.

Our NexantECA in-house training courses can fulfill your learning, development and business objectives. Your Business and your Employees can benefit from:


1. Industry Training 

Includes all workshops related to Petrochemicals and expands into other areas such as Refining and Polymers & Plastics. This branch also includes a number of modules of varying duration that deal with topics such as Sustainability, Supply Chain and Fertilizers, among others.


2. Sustainability 

We have recently expanded the scope of our training courses to include sustainability and plastic waste, where we look at topics such as the energy transition, shifts in hydrocarbon feedstocks, the circular economy as well as options for mechanical and chemical recycling.  In our workshops we help companies and professionals understand how these forces will shape our industry in the future.  


3. Business and Finance Training

This area includes workshops and courses related to Business, Management and Economics as well as workshops that provide a summary overview of the petrochemical business for executives and professionals in the financial industry. Typical attendees to these workshops will include staff moving from a technical to a managerial position, for example, or personnel that are more focused on sales, business development or financial aspects of the business.


4. Strategy and Leadership 

The last branch includes workshops and content related to Strategy and Leadership which can be valuable for professionals and leaders in any area of the company.