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Welcome to NexantECA Training

Industry leading training solutions focused on the petrochemical, polymer and plastics Industries. As well as sustainability, business management, economics, strategy and leadership.

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3-day in-person training course (8 hours per day)


Multiple courses & time zones

Key Topics Covered

  • Feedstocks
  • Chemical building blocks
  • Supply, demand, and trade¬†
  • The industry's massive restructuring
  • Change ‚Äď The industry's massive restructuring
  • Fertilizers, polymers, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, etc.
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3-day in-person training course (8 hours per day)


Multiple courses & time zones

Key Topics Covered

  • The external environment¬†
  • The value chain¬†
  • Project evaluation and feasibility¬†
  • Strategy and competition¬†
  • Assessing the impact of the value chain on the business
  • Understanding project costs and feasibility
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Section 1 - Overview of the Petrochemical Industry

Section 2 - Ethylene and Polyethylene

Section 3 - Propylene and derivatives

Section 4 - The C4 family

Section 5 - Aromatics

Section 6 - Syngas and Derivatives

Section 7 - Polymers & Economics ndwifjcwidfwdijfiwdjfiwdjfijwdjfiwdjci

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Your company & employees can benefit from:

  • Industry training¬†¬†
  • Sustainability training
  • Business and Finance training¬†
  • Strategy and leadership training

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Globally Located Public Training Courses

Our training courses have helped over ten thousand professionals in the chemical industry for more than three decades and are widely recognized as the original and most comprehensive training courses for the Energy & Chemicals industry.

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Tailored In-House Learning & Development Solutions

We design the course and bring it to your offices, while you decide the duration, date and times that your course will take place. Contact our NexantECA Training team to discuss your company's learning and development requirements.  

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Online Petrochemical Industry Training

An online version of the famous ‚ÄėGlobal Petrochemical Industry‚Äô training course. This online courses is split in to 7 sections and maintaining the same quality content as the public and in-house versions. Learn whenever and wherever you choose.

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Watch Section One Moduel One of our Online Global Petrochemical Industry Training Course


"The overall attention to detail from Manuel and his curriculum is top class. I gained many new insights into the top to bottom petrochemical value chain, and I think the value in this for me is a better understanding of how intertwined different aspects of the industry are"

Coleman Martini
DAK Americas

"Many things were great about this course! I really enjoyed seeing the major producers of each product and their capacities as well as the breakdown of uses for each building block/derivative, along with pictures"

Josh Madden

"Very well done, a great introduction to the technical side of the petrochemical business. Very detailed and valuable material shared before and during the training that can be used in the future"

Diego Bossi

"The enthusiasm and knowledge provided by Mr. Asali was great in a virtual setting, which can otherwise be challenging. The curriculum and how it was portrayed was of great value to my work and very interesting in general"

Klaus Kragh,

"The structured way the information was shared gave me a good chance to gain insight. The trainer himself was very good in catching our attention and conveying his knowledge about the petrochemical product and industry"

Edward de Vos
Stolthaven Terminals

"The course is full of useful and relevant information. Manuel is very knowledgeable and engaging"

Esteban Hidalgo

"David was an excellent teacher/speaker and is extremely knowledgeable in the field. The course material was great and I now have a good reference point to go back to. The structure of the course was well thought out"

Henrik‚Äč Olsson
Stolthaven Terminals

"Very valuable overview, especially for someone without a background in chemistry, interesting examples."

Anouk Laubi

"Very insightful and comprehensive from A to Z"

Merdiani Aghnia Mokobombang
PT Pertamina

"It was very thorough, the instructor was an encyclopedia of knowledge"

David MacLean
Alberta's Industrial Heartland Association

"The whole process of idea to commercial operation was explained in a way that provided me a helicopter view as well as detailed info. It gave me a lot of new insights"

Maureen Vermeule

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