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NexantECA provide industry leading Online, In-House and Public training courses globally Our team of experts have helped train over 10,000 industry professionals. We are widely recognized as the original and most comprehensive training provider to the Energy and Chemicals industries.

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3-day in-person training course (8 hours per day)


Multiple courses & time zones

Key Topics Covered

  • Feedstocks
  • Chemical building blocks
  • Supply, demand, and trade 
  • The industry's massive restructuring
  • Change – The industry's massive restructuring
  • Fertilizers, polymers, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, etc.
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2-day in-person training course (8 hours per day)


Hosted in London and Houston

Key Topics Covered

  • Hydrogen sources and the hydrogen supply chain
  • Demand scenarios for conventional and new uses
  • Economic assessment
  • Regulation
  • Interdependence with renewable energy
  • Options for industry decarbonisation
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3-day in-person training course (8 hours per day)


Multiple courses & time zones

Key Topics Covered

  • The external environment 
  • The value chain 
  • Project evaluation and feasibility 
  • Strategy and competition 
  • Assessing the impact of the value chain on the business
  • Understanding project costs and feasibility
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12 months access

Section 1 - Overview of the Petrochemical Industry

Section 2 - Ethylene and Polyethylene

Section 3 - Propylene and derivatives

Section 4 - The C4 family

Section 5 - Aromatics

Section 6 - Syngas and Derivatives

Section 7 - Polymers & Economics hnhgnhgnhgnhn ghnghnhhghnghjnjljlnjlnjlnjnjnjnnn

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