Our Online Global Petrochemical Industry Training Course

This is an online version of our famous Global Petrochemical Industry training. These modules will provide you with a complete understanding of the Petrochemical industry. Starting from oil and gas to the production of petrochemicals in the refinery and the cracker. We then turn to the seven building blocks as precursors to all the main petrochemical value chains. We review technologies, producers, applications and trade and cover the entire range of petrochemicals, including polymers and plastics, intermediates and fertilizers.

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Complete online Global Petrochemical Industry training from NexantECA

This course is perfect for those just joining the business, transferring from other areas or for professionals who are already experts on certain products but who may benefit from getting a broad overview.  Even people who have already taken the course join it after a few years for a refresher!

All sections:

  • Section 1 - Overview of the Petrochemical Industry
  • Section 2 - Ethylene and Polyethylene
  • Section 3 - Propylene and derivatives
  • Section 4 - The C4 family
  • Section 5 - Aromatics
  • Section 6 - Syngas and Derivatives
  • Section 7 - Polymer & Economics
  • Course Summary


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