Our virtual learning training courses for 2021

 Until it is safe to travel and meet in person again, Vice President Manuel Asali and our team of industry experts will be delivering our training courses and workshops via our virtual learning platforms. During the Covid pandemic it is the best way for companies and individuals to continue their learning and development in the Energy and Chemical industry.

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9 - 11 November, 2021

Global Petrochemical Industry Training

$1,850.00 USD
AGENDA - The Global Petrochemical Industry training course

Topics covered in the Virtual Global Petrochemical Industry Workshop

  • Feedstocks – From oil, gas, and coal to biomass; where they come from and how they influence the economics
  • Chemical building blocks – How the seven basic petrochemical building blocks are converted into the industry’s most important products
  • Technology and economics – Their inter-dependency and the impact of new technologies
  • Market of each key chemical – Supply, demand, and trade
  • Change – The industry’s massive restructuring
  • Main players – The petrochemical players and their history
  • Major applications – Fertilizers, polymers (plastics, fibers, paints, rubbers, resins, etc.), consumer products, pharmaceuticals, etc.
  • Hot topics – Biorenewables, coal to chemicals, methanol to olefins, the shale revolution, etc.

Topics covered in the Virtual Business Management & Economics Workshop

  • The external environment – How the macroeconomic and the energy environment affect the chemical industry
  • Competitiveness – How companies compete based on their feedstock position, their scale, geography and level of integration
  • The value chain – How industry players are influenced by what happens along the value chain, from the feedstock’s to the converters and retailers
  • Project evaluation and feasibility – considerations when planning new projects and understanding financial modelling
  • Strategy and competition – Strategic planning in a competitive environment

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Renee Scarpaci

Scientific Design Co.

"Broad range of topics covered in ample detail. The structure of the course allowed it to be followed easily. Although the course was taught virtually, there was opportunity to ask questions & engage in conversation with the other participants."

Baira Donoeva


"The content, the delivery is great! Manuel is an amazing teacher!"



Theo Oostinjen


         "The engaging style of Manuel." "The engaging style of Manuel.""The engaging style of Manuel.""The engaging style of Manuel.""The engaging style of Manuel.""The engaging style of Manuel.""The engaging style of Manuel.""The engaging style of Manuel."