The C4 Family


  • C4 separation

  • Butadiene and Rubbers

  • ABS, Butene-1 and Butene-2

  • Isobutylene and MTBE


Learning Objectives

  • Understand composition of the C4 stream and how C4s are produced and separated;
  • Understand the technologies to make C4 derivatives
  • Learn the market and applications of all chemicals in the C4 value chain, including:
    1. Butadiene and rubbers, e.g. polybutadiene rubber (PBR), styrene butadiene rubber (SBR); tyre construction; major elastomers; thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs)
    2. ABS, Butene-1 and butene-2
    3. Isobutylene and MTBE
    4. MTBE production and demand
  • Learn the debate on using MTBE as a fuel additive in the U.S.