• Making and Separating aromatics (part 1)

  • Making and Separating aromatics (part 2)

  • Benzene and Toluene

  • Cyclohexane and polyamide (Nylon)

  • Polyurethanes (PU)
  • Xylenes, PTA and PET
  • Phthalic anhydride and Plasticizers

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the different technologies on making and separating aromatics, e.g. primary and secondary aromatics sources, on-purpose aromatics technologies
  • Understand the technologies to make aromatics derivatives
  • Learn the market and applications of all chemicals in the C5 value chain, including:
    1. Benzene and Toluene
    2. Cyclohexane and polyamide (Nylon), e.g. nylon 6,6 and nylon 6
    3. Polyurethanes (PU), e.g. MDI, TDI
    4. Xylenes, PTA and PET
    5. Phthalic anhydride and Plasticizers, e.g. unsaturated polyester resins (UPR)
  • Learn the PET materials through a short demonstration and understand the engineering involved in the plastics bottle business